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As a therapist who specializes in adolescents it certainly is a challenge to help with anxiety, specifically freshman anxiety. This year is certainly unique for me because it not only impacts me professionally but also within my own house, as my oldest child will be a High School freshman this year. In teaching the co-parenting class at CCD I reinforce with parents that necessity of … [Read more...]

Anxiety and Depression: When you can't "Get over it" "Suck it up", or "Let it go". How many times have you told someone who was feeling down “Just don’t think about it.” How many times has someone told you, “It will be ok.” This is common advice that we offer one another. I know I hear people tell others things like this all the time. I have said it a time or two before as well, but … [Read more...]

Do you ever wonder why you are having intrusive thoughts about a horrific event you have witnessed or been involved in? Do you startle easily when someone comes up behind you, not sleeping well, having nightmares and/or flashbacks about an event in your life? Maybe you are having strong physical reactions; irritability or outbursts of anger, feeling restless or engaging in reckless … [Read more...]