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When starting a family, parents rarely think of the “skills” they have (or don’t have) and how they want to teach these to their children. Like any relationship, it takes work to have a happy and healthy family unit. Family Skills like communication, conflict resolution, and emotion management all play a pivotal role in the relationship of two or more people living together. What … [Read more...]

We don’t talk about suicide much. Frankly it’s an awkward topic that doesn’t lend itself to short conversation. Each person and the internal and external landscape of their life and death are unique and complex - nearly impossible to capture in a sentence or two. The story line is full of questions and heavily laden with emotion. We don’t talk about it in the press because of the … [Read more...]

Devaluing Average Since exiting my graduate program 17 years ago, I am astonished at the increase in the severity of mental illness among the children and teens I have served in both schools and private practice. I have certainly seen an increase in the incidence of self-injurious behavior and suicidal ideation. What has changed over the course of the past two decades? What … [Read more...]

All Things Play Therapy Last month, we celebrated National Play Therapy Week. Play therapy is a mis- or, perhaps little understood mode of counseling. It really does just look like we are playing with toys, and some people wonder what exactly it is that we do. That is the reason for play therapy week! It’s an opportunity for us to celebrate and to share with others the research and … [Read more...]

Negotiating the Best Valentines Day EVER As a trained mediator, I have spent years teaching negotiation skills to parents who are in the midst of divorce; helping them to restructure their relationships in a way that severs their intimacy while preserving the very best of their parenting partnership. Which is a great thing, but not what this blog is about. The divorce … [Read more...]

Anxiety and Depression: When you can't "Get over it" "Suck it up", or "Let it go". How many times have you told someone who was feeling down “Just don’t think about it.” How many times has someone told you, “It will be ok.” This is common advice that we offer one another. I know I hear people tell others things like this all the time. I have said it a time or two before as well, but … [Read more...]

(Clinical Supervisor : Rebekah dePeo-Christner) The month of October commonly brings to mind the festivities associated with celebrating Halloween. Many also know that October commemorates Breast Cancer Awareness and National Domestic Violence Awareness. In addition, the month of October commemorates Bullying Prevention Awareness. In order to prevent bullying, we must educate … [Read more...]

Do you ever wonder why you are having intrusive thoughts about a horrific event you have witnessed or been involved in? Do you startle easily when someone comes up behind you, not sleeping well, having nightmares and/or flashbacks about an event in your life? Maybe you are having strong physical reactions; irritability or outbursts of anger, feeling restless or engaging in reckless … [Read more...]

The law defines truancy as the failure to attend school and Texans live in one of the toughest states for parents and their children by making truancy a criminal act. With this tough love approach, you would expect Texans to have understood and solved the truancy issue but unfortunately this is not the case. Criminalizing truancy has proven to be an ineffective method for increasing … [Read more...]

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