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I get many calls from parents about young “adults” who are living at home or close to home, often being financially supported by parents to some degree and who are abusing drugs and alcohol to the point of addiction. Parents who are giving their young adults money thinking that it is going for bills or buying groceries but who discover it is going to pay bar tabs and buy drugs. Then … [Read more...]

You always knew the empty nest was coming. Eventually they grow up and move out. Then they were supposed to fall in love and get married and start a career and you could become the story book grandparent. But that didn’t happen. Your son or daughter is an addict. No one is prepared for this. It can be excruciating. Maybe you don’t know where they are or if they are safe. Sometimes … [Read more...]

We all want our children to be “well-raised,” which is short hand for growing up to be well adjusted, content, productive and responsible. We want strangers to meet our twenty-something children and later say to one another, “Well they were raised well.” My mom points out that when they were young parents in the 1960's the only resource they had was Dr. Spock’s “Baby and Child … [Read more...]