CCD Counseling Staff in Denton, Decatur, Lewisville, and Farmers Branch

Agency Forms

Agency Policies and Procedures

Substance Abuse Treatment Policy and Procedures

Best Practice for On Call 2016

Drug Free Workplace

CCD letterhead
CCD fax cover

Registration Form
Spanish Registration Form
Additional Clients Registration Form
Client Information & Consent Form
Client Information... Spanish
NPP Spanish
NPP Receipt
NPP Receipt - Spanish
Authorization PDF
Spanish Authorization PDF
Medical Excuse
Document Receipt Form
Termination Form

Sliding Fee Scale
Progress Note
Play Therapy Note
Therapist Service Log

REF Agency Codes (1st 2 digits)
Service Codes (last 2 digits)
Data Change Form
Credit Card Form

Staff Phone List
Insurance List

Other Clinical Forms

Suicidal Notification - English
Suicidal Notification - Spanish

Practice Building

Insurance Guide for Therapists

CPS Forms

CPS Procedures
CPS Psychosocial
CPS Child Report Boilerplate
CPS Client Contact Form
CPS Progress Report
CPS Initial Treatment Plan
CPS Family Sign In Log
CPS Monthly Report
CPS Termination Form

CPS Substance Services Procedures
CPS SUD Treatment Plan - Male
CPS SUD Monthly/Quarterly Report
CPS SUD Termination Form

Denton Probation Forms


Family Tree Forms

Internal Documents
Family Tree Letterhead
Family Tree Policies and Procedures
Family Tree External Contractor Policies and Procedures
Mileage Report
UCAP Monthly Summary
Request for Leave

English Intake Documents
Family Tree Checklist
Registration Form English
1st Case Note
Action Plan - English
Authorization for Release of Confidential - English
FT Contact Form - English
Family Tree Program Overview
PFS Caregiver - English

Spanish Intake Documents
Family Tree Checklist
Registration Form Spanish
1st Case Note
Action Plan - Spanish
Authorization for Release of Confidential - Spanish
FT Contact Form - Spanish
Family Tree Program Overview - Spanish
PFS Caregiver - Spanish

Other Intake Documents
FT Referral Form

CCD Therapist Tracking Sheet
External Therapist Tracking Sheet

Social Security Refusal - English
Social Security Refusal - Spanish

Counseling Documents
Blank Family Tree Case Note
Missed Session Note

Group Documents
Youth Group Sign In
Parent Group Sign In

Group Evaluation Form
Group Evaluation Form - Spanish

FT Group Note

Closure Documents
PEIRS Discharge Form -English
Program Experience Survey Parent -English
Program Experience Survey Parent -Spanish
Program Experience Survey Youth -English
Program Experience Survey Youth -Spanish

English Follow-Up Letter
Follow-Up Letter - Spanish
Follow-Up Spreadsheet

Other Documents

LTC Notice
CJAD Standards of Care

Privacy Training Documents

HIPAA Summary
HS Code 611 Mental Health Records
HS Code 181 Medical Records
Family Code Chapter 32 Consent
MFT Rules
LPC Rules
Social Work Rules