CCD Counseling Staff in Denton, Decatur, Lewisville, and Farmers Branch

Groups meet together on more than one occasion, often weekly. Sometimes, in addition to, or instead of individual counseling, clients attend groups. Groups can be educational, counseling, or a blend, often called “psycho-educational.” Below are some of the current groups being offered.


Anger Management Groups

These are intensive psycho-educational anger awareness and management programs designed for individuals whose anger has given them difficulty in their lives.

Note: These are not batterers treatment groups.

Denton Group Description

Lewisville Group Description
Farmers Branch (Dallas County) Group Description


Theft Intervention Group

A group for court referred adults charged with theft.

Full Description


Substance Treatment Groups

Intensive Outpatient Treatment and Supportive Aftercare Groups for Substance Abuse and Addiction.

Intensive Outpatient Group

Supportive Outpatient Group