CCD Counseling Staff in Denton, Decatur, Lewisville, and Farmers Branch

Counseling for Substance Abuse

This Service is available in Denton, Lewisville, AND in Spanish.

Counseling can play a number of roles in the treatment of Substance Abuse. For some, it is the only treatment required. For others, it is an added intervention to a more intensive treatment, such as IOP, or used to treat a related issue, such as depression. Counseling is also used to address the family issues that contribute to, or occur as the result of substance abuse, or just to educate and support family members who are in a relationship with a current or recovering user.

The following therapists have a particular interest in chemical dependency related issues.

Therapist Phone Email
Substance Treatment Direct Line 940-222-8339 Email
Janie Lewis-Zygiel, MEd, LPC, LCDC  940-382-5328 x25 Email
Mark Dittloff, LPC, LSOT   940-382-5328 x19 Email
Michelle Moore, MEd, LPC   940-382-5328 x26 Email
Rebekah dePeo-Christner, MA, LPC-S, LCDC, NCC  940-382-5328 x21 Email
Ederis Martinez-Cunion, MS, LPC  972-353-9404 x16 Email


D: Denton
L: Lewisville
FB: Farmers Branch