Alcohol and Drug Evaluations

Do you wonder if you have a problem with alcohol or drugs? Do you wonder if your relationship to substances is normal? Do you know your use is excessive, but don’t know what level of treatment you need to be free again? Do you wonder if there is an underlying disorder such as depression or anxiety that you are masking with your use? A professionally conducted evaluation can answer those and other questions about your alcohol or drug use. Learn More.

Adoption Social Study

A Social Study is required in most adoption cases, including adoption by step parents. We are on the Denton County Social Study provider list. Learn More.

Attention Deficit /Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

ADHD is a medical condition that affects the parts of your brain that control attention and movement. ADHD can affect all parts of your life, including school, work, and relationships. ADHD begins in childhood, and may continue into adulthood. A comprehensive assessment can help determine if ADHD is the problem and can assist in determining appropriate treatment, including providing a family’s physician with data that may assist in medication decisions.

ADHD Assessment for Youth

ADHD Assessment for Adults

Educational and Behavioral Assessment

Learn More.