ADHD Youth

Does your child have difficulty attending to details? Do they have trouble staying on task and completing work? Are they organizationally challenged? Distracted? Impulsive? Fidgety? Socially Challenged?

Most of the time, when we see some of these symptoms, they are simply characteristic of being a kid. But other children have an excessive number of these symptoms or to an excessive degree. They seem to be outside of the normal restlessness we observe in their friends.

Children with excessive attention or hyperactivity symptoms may have Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). ADHD can seriously impair your child’s ability to perform academically and socially. They may benefit from medication prescribed by your family physician, as well as counseling. But how does a parent decide?

Don’t Guess. Assess!

A comprehensive Assessment for ADHD is available at CCD for children six years of age or older using objective measures. In addition to patient history and observation, the assessment includes the Barkley’s Assessment Scale and the ADHDT Test to determine if an individual may have ADHD.

Assessment of youth also includes the Barkley’s Home Situations Questionnaire (HSQ) and School Situations Questionnaire (SSQ), to provide an assessment that captures the child’s performance in different settings, leading to a more accurate diagnosis.

This comprehensive assessment and report can be used in determining appropriate treatment, including providing a family’s physician with data that may assist in medication decisions.

Symptoms that appear to be attention related can also be symptoms of other psychological or situational challenges, including depression or anxiety. In those cases, a good assessment can be a valuable tool in ruling out ADHD as a source of difficulty for school concerns, and shortening the time to correct diagnosis, and treatment.

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