Dallas Anger Management Classes

Dallas County Adult Anger Management Group

NOTE: Meets the requirements of Dallas County Probation and Parole for required Anger Management Classes.

For: Adults who would like to reduce the negative outcomes of their anger, particularly when those outcomes have included the involvement of law enforcement or other legal actions.

Disclaimer: This is not a batterers treatment group.

Structure: This is a “semi-open” group, where participants come to an intake session and then start the group at the first session of any month.

Goals: By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

1. learn about their personal anger style and how it leads to problematic anger.
2. learn to recognize distorted thinking patterns that promote problematic anger and the relationships between thoughts, feelings, and behavior.
3. learn immediate avoidance, escape, and problem-solving strategies to de-escalate and disarm the physiological arousal associated with anger.
4. practice new communication styles to more accurately express their own thoughts and feelings.
5. develop a relapse prevention plan tailored to their own high-risk anger-provoking situations and share them with their group for feedback.
6. learn a way to “nip anger in the bud” at the time of its arising.

Location: Counseling Center of Farmers Branch

Length: One Individual Intake and 12 classes (Total 13 hours).
Fee: $ 35 for intake session
        $ 20 for each class.

Day and Time: Wednesday Evening, 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
Enrollment: Contact Allen to schedule your intake session.

Therapist Phone Email
Allen DeSalme, MDiv, MA, MEd, LPC-S  972-353-9404 x22 Email