Telehealth Forms

If you are going to see a therapist remotely via video or phone, you will need to complete some documentation and return to us. Usually, your therapist will send the forms to you via email, but occasionally, they may send you here to download a form:

Telehealth Forms

Every client should understand the risks and benefits of telehealth before they begin. Download this document to learn more about how it works:
CCD Online Therapy Guidelines – English
CCD Online Therapy Guidelines – Spanish

Once you understand how it works, you have to consent. Download this document to sign.
Telehealth for Client Signature – English
Telehealth for Client Signature – Spanish

New Client Forms

If you are a new client, you will also need to complete CCD registration and consent documents. Download those forms here:
CCD Intake Form – English
CCD Intake Form – Spanish

New Family Tree Client Forms

If you are a client in the Family Tree program, these are the documents to complete on your own:
Family Tree Client Packet – English
Family Tree Client Packet – Spanish

Once you have submitted those, your therapist will complete these with you:
Family Tree Therapist Packet – English
Family Tree Therapist Packet – Spanish

Submitting Completed Forms

All of these forms are designed for you to be able to complete and sign (NOTE: you must have the free Adobe Reader installed to complete the signature successfully) and return to your therapist electronically.

You also can print and sign them and:
1. scan them and then send to your therapist’s email, or
2. hand deliver them to our administrative address, or
3. use a delivery service (mail, fedex, etc.) to send

Our Administrative address is: 1512 Scripture St, Denton, TX 76201

Questions? Contact your therapist