Workshops are one time meetings. They are usually educational, although sometimes they blend in a little bit of therapy and we call them Psycho-educational. Sometimes, in addition to, or instead of individual counseling, clients attend workshops. Below are some of the current workshops being offered.

“Divorce Sanity” Co-Parenting Workshops

Divorce Sanity Co-Parenting is a four (4) hour educational workshop. It is designed to provide parents with the information and skills needed to minimize the impact of divorce on their children and maximize their parenting skills in their life long parenting relationship.
Divorce Sanity Co-Parenting Workshop Information
Divorce Sanity Co-Parenting Workshop Flier (pdf)

Choices and Consequences

Kids don’t always act like we wish they would. This class will help adolescents get back on track with making better choices, as well as teach parents some new tricks and techniques to help guide their child in the right direction.
Choices and Consequences